Worldwide photographer for pre wedding portrait fashion using hasselblad(H5D) camera.

Professional photographer in phuket for your pre-wedding, wedding, couple and honeymoon.

About MG Photography

MG Photography is the type of photography is about capturing moments, emotions and gestures for your honeymoon couple pre-wedding and portrait and interior. we will record your memories while you stay in Phuket Island.We are sure you unforgettable !!

When we capture the picture try to shoot your feeling as photojournalistic style This type of photography is about capturing moments, emotions and gestures. As opposed to the creative photoshoot, in this case there are no interactions or instructions. These pictures are natural and candid and spontaneous.

An other chance we make illustrative of photos, what we call "creative photo shoot". During this shoot we find the best angle and best lights to take pictures of you, while composing it together with the beautiful phuket scenery.

During the photo shoot we no use flashes, lamps but some of reflectors in case needed. The photos will reflect the fun times and laughters.

About the finished photos:

What you will get ?? We will pick them up for the best 100-150 photos with the view of phuket island then adjustment ligthing or crop for good composition then burn into DVD with high resolution photos.

I hope you enjoy with us.

Narong Rattanaya (MD of mg photography)


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